Quality & Brand

Moneyatti is a Registered Trademark and Luxury Shoe Brand of “PERCY MILLER and TEAM” a USA BRAND. In 2018 we launched our brand and quickly went viral with our brand being featured in Worldwide Magazines, Blogs, Celebrities, TV Series, Movies and More. In 2020 “MONEYATTI BRAND” Signed a Multi-Million Dollar Sneaker Manufacturing and Distribution Deal in Italy with Luca’s AliveShoes to be the official manufacture of the ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE “MONEYATI BRAND” Shoes. 2020 “MONEYATTI BRAND” released their NEW EXCLUSIVE SNEAKERS designed in our in house LA/FL Studios to give our customers these amazing new shoes made with the best Italian leathers and textiles.


Production on ALL SHOES takes about 7 to 14 Business days then the order ships out express to you. The entire process may take up to 3 weeks. There are no rush orders on hand crafted products. Any question please use contact form here.


Sizing is consistent to US, EU and UK standards. For US customers, we recommend to pick 0.5 less your normal size. Due to our Italian handmade construction, they runsslightly bigger. You can pick your size directly at checkout of each shoes..

Order Details

After each order, the buyer will receive an email with complete order details, when your order finishes production you will receive an email and then a tracking email. Please save those emails for any information needed or issues in the future. Any questions please use the contact form .

*Customer Service Powered by AliveShoes the official production facility of “MONEYATTI BRAND”.